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The AWP-1, officially Advanced Weapon Platform 1, is a boss that was added on the 21 of August in 2020 along with boss rush and the majority of the AWP Bosses.


AWP-1 has a yellow square base with Mega Swarmer auto-turret in one corner and Smotherer auto-turret in the opposite corner of the base. On each side, AWP-1 has a minion spawner.


AWP-1 has medium health and low speed, and a lot of minions. Each minion has high speed, health, and decent damage. There are 16 minions in total, and they respawn fast. The Smotherer turret of AWP-1 is also pretty strong, it has decent damage and penetration but mediocre bullet speed. Mega Swarmer turret is also strong, although it rarely locks on players. Its hives have a lot of health and bees deal very decent damage at a fast rate.


AWP-1 spawns by a randomizer, only in Boss Rush.


  • AWP-1 is by far not the weakest AWP, but it is one of the strongest AWPs currently present in the boss rush. Its minions can out penetrate absolutely any tank and can follow an enemy long away, but have low range nevertheless. Its auto-turrets also can deal high damage and sometimes force the player to retreat.
  • It is advised to fight AWP-1 in teams, one player distracting and other attacking. Any player can be distracting AWP-1, but he either has to have a lot of health or high penetration to last for long. All the other players should deal damage to AWP-1. If there are no teammates, however, you may have more problems. Redistributor is one of the most effective tank when fighting with AWP-1. Each bullet will deal quite a lot of damage, and the recoil will bring out of range. Use your FoV advantage and stay at longer ranges not to get attacked by AWP-1's minions.
  • Using Machceptionist is also effective as it can penetrate through the AWP-1's minions. Use that advantage from a far distance and your good to go. This, however, may take some time.
  • Splitter is very powerful against it, as you can ram your minions into it while someone else distracts it. This will kill the AWP-1 in only a few seconds. Be careful, should the AWP-1's minions target you, you will have to retreat. It is possible to utilize the lower FoV of minions by keeping AWP-1 near the edge of your field of view. This, however, requires high skill to pull off and may take some time.
  • But if you want to kill AWP-1 alone, a strong bullet build Twinceptionist is the most effective way, and hold it at the edge of your FOV because the Fov of drones and the mega swarmer turret is slightly lower than, Twinceptionist FOV and then out-penetrate AWP-1's smotherer turret and kill it under a time less than a minute.
  • It is possible to kill AWP-1 alone with a bullet build Razor. You first need to attack it from up or down, and move up (if you attack the AWP-1 from down) or down (if you attack the AWP-1 from up) and shoot bullets at it.
  • There is one last strategy, which works really well: Use a M-61, and max out reload, bullet damage, bullet penetration, and invest some points in bullet speed and health. Save a point or 2 into max health or movement speed. Then while the AWP-1 is at a corner, bait it all the way to the other corner, while keeping it at the edge of your FoV. Constantly shoot, and if you keep the AWP-1 far away enough, you don't even have to dodge, as the bullets simply outpenetrate the AWP-1's Smotherer bullets.
  • Another strategy is get a group, more than 1, of necromancer classes, as one only drains half of it's health with full drone capacity.
  • Another way to kill it solo is using Corrupt UV enable autofire and hold right click/shift while not getting targeted by minions, eventually you will kill it.
  • You can also use Greaser to block its attacks and it will die very easily as long as you keep it on the top of your screen, but beware if the Smotherer bullets penetrate through one of your blocks, it will kill you easily.
  • Oxyrrhexis is very effective. max out reload, penetration and damage, and put the rest into bullet speed and bullet health. hold down right click, and stay at the right or left of the awp and keep it at the edge of your FoV. then, go up and down while retreating and you will singlehandedly take the AWP down.


  • Original AWP-1 is current AWP-11.


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