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The AWP-14, officially Advanced Weapon Platform 14, is a boss that was added on the 21 of August in 2020 along with boss rush and the majority of the AWP Bosses.


AWP-14 has a red circular base, with two auto-Nailgun turrets on sides, and a Streamliner turret in front.


AWP-14 has normal health for a boss, albeit lower than most other bosses. It moves with a medium speed and has decent bullets. The bullets from the Streamliner guns have exactly same stats with Streamliner's.

The Nailgun turrets' bullets are generally bit weaker than normal Nailgun's, except for the Penetration and Speed.


AWP-14 used to spawn on Wave 2 of Boss Rush, but with the new version of Boss Rush with randomized waves of bosses, AWP-14 no longer has a garantueed chance of spawning. It was been seen rarely in Boss Rushes following the update of 04/27/2021.


AWP-14 is one of the strongest AWP bosses, mainly because of its high DPS and High Speed and strange behavior. AWP-14 can only lock on a single player at a time, even if there are more dangerous players nearby. Its firepower is strong and can be penetrated only by Twisted Hybrid. One way of killing AWP-14, and by far the most effective way of killing it is attacking in teams. One player should be distracting the boss, while the other player will be able to deal it very high damage. As a distracting player, do not choose a very slow tank like Mace, as AWP-14 has decent speed and can catch up on slow tanks. Medium-speed tanks are ideal, as they will always be focused by the boss while being able to dodge/penetrate all the bullets.

Another way of killing AWP-14, in solo revolves around choosing a tank with a very high DPS, Twisted Hybrid. It will be able to penetrate the bullets of AWP-14, and thus successfully damage it and eventually kill it. Another advantage of this method is that a teammate can come and help to kill AWP-14, making the job even faster than before. Another working way of killing AWP-14 is obstructing its movement by a rock. Due to its circular shape, you will be able to circle it around rocks. This works only with minion/drone users, as you can damage the boss without taking the damage yourself; Though this can only be done with controllable secondary weaponed tanks. Teammates can also, again come to finish off AWP-14 in this method too, however be warned if trying to obstruct movement with rocks as its streamliner cannon may poke through the rock and shoot you.


  • For some reason, when the AWP-14 stops moving, but is still shooting (like when getting close enough to a target so that it can do its AI orbit), its Nailgun turrets spread out and stops targeting you but most tanks can't get close enough to initiate this behavior, and stop targeting as long as its getting charged.


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