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The AWP-28, officially Advanced Weapon Platform 28, is a boss that was added on the 21 of August in 2020 along with boss rush and the majority of the AWP Bosses.


AWP-28 has a yellow square base with four Nailgun auto-turrets on sides. In front of its base, AWP-28 has four Obliterator auto-turrets in the center, and two Multishot auto-turret to sides. On both edges of the backsides of its base, AWP-28 has two attached triangular segments, which have two more quadral segments attach to the second triangular segment. Between two quadral segments, AWP-28 has a Nailgun auto-turret, and a Dual Machine turret at the back of the second quadral segment. Between these two groups of segments, AWP-28 has a large spawner, which spawns its minion.

Its minion has a yellow square base with four auto-turrets in front. On its back, minion has two Gatling Gun turrets in the center and two Machine Gun turrets to sides.


AWP-28 has low health and damage, but very deadly weapons. Its multishot turrets are very strong, capable of dealing high damage to many tanks if all the bullets will hit you. Obliterator turrets are even stronger, but they have a pretty low range. Nailgun turrets can literally shred any tank, even Coiffure, in a matter of seconds. They have high bullet speed, lethal damage, and penetration, along with a pretty small size. Dual Machine turrets are also very strong and can kill any player in no time. However, since they are located at the back of the boss, they only help AWP-28 to propel itself forward.

Minion of AWP-28 respawns immediately after dying, has incredibly fast speed, even faster than the Comet. Its turrets have mediocre stats but can still kill unaware players pretty fast. Minion has low health and attacks its targets by ramming into them and dealing high body damage, and commonly killing players.


AWP-28 spawns by a randomizer, and only in Boss Rush.


AWP-28 is by far one of the strongest AWP bosses in the boss rush, if not the strongest. Killing it is very hard, as its minion is very deadly and the boss has bullets that do very high damage. Most normal tanks just can not cope with the firepower of this boss, so if you understand you cannot kill AWP-28, it is better to die to it and respawn as a new tank.

If AWP-28 spawned near you, immediately focus all your firepower on it, as it has less health than EK-1 and larger hitbox. If it is distracted by another player, try to kill the boss as fast as possible. If it is low on health, and you are a Smasher branch tank, you should try to ram it. Redistributor can easily kill this boss, especially if it is distracted by another player. Make sure to upgrade bullet speed, penetration, and damage in order to kill the AWP-28 from one shot. If you fail to hit AWP-28 with your bullet, you will likely die.

VPN is by far the most effective tank against AWP-28, as you can just get closer and kill it within a few shots. Do not try to stand behind it, as Dual Machine turrets are very deadly.


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