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The AWP-Pistolstar, officially Advanced Weapon Platform Pistolstar, is a Boss that was added on the 21 of August in 2020 along with boss rush and the majority of the AWP Bosses.


AWP-Pistolstar has a yellow pentagon base with five quadral segments attached around it. Each attached segment has a blue color and attached triangular blue segment in front of it. On top of each quadral segment, AWP-Pistolstar has a unique turret, with a similar view to Machinist, but the turret is far longer and is less skewed.


AWP-Pistolstar has high health and relatively high speed, and very high bullet penetration. All bullets have medium speed and low range but are fired at a very high rate from all five turrets. Each bullet has high penetration, damage, and health.


AWP-Pistolstar spawns by a randomizer, only in Boss Rush and Black Hole.


  • AWP-Pistolstar is pretty strong and has incredibly high focused firepower, so it is nearly impossible to beat it in solo. Its penetration is so high that it will create a nearly impenetrable bullet shield, and its fast speed can easily allow it to catch up on slow tanks like Redistributor. Instead, unless you are a splitter or VPN, consider fighting AWP-Pistolstar with at least two players.
  • One player, ideally with a higher speed than a boss, should distract AWP-Pistolstar and make it follow him. AWP-Pistolstar will be only focusing on one player, while it will be vulnerable from other sides. Other players should be dealing damage to AWP-Pistolstar in the meanwhile, but make sure when attacking the boss you have high speed.
  • Circling the boss around with Splitter and maximum movement speed can also perish AWP-Pistolstar. As a splitter, just move around the boss in circles and guide your minions behind it. Due to its low turn speed, AWP-Pistolstar will not be able to hit you or your minions. In the meanwhile, you can guide your minions to ram into the boss, and it will take massive damage.
  • As AWP-Pistolstar can Penetrate through Bullet Spammers, High Reload Tanks such as Twisted Hybrid, or Binoculars is HIGHLY not Recommended on Solo. A Strategy is have a fast Tank like Shooting Star to distract the boss and the other ones for attacking, This will cause AWP-Pistolstar to die easily.


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