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The AWP-sin((4*pi)/45)', officially Advanced Weapon Platform sin((4*pi)/45)', is a boss that was added on the 21 of August in 2020 along with boss rush and the majority of the AWP Bosses.


AWP-sin((4*pi)/45) has a square yellow base, with two attached triangular segments on sides. On the back side of its base, AWP-sin((4*pi)/45) has a trap launcher and two turrets on sides, slightly tilted. On the front side of its base, AWP-sin((4*pi)/45) has two titled Gunner turrets. On the top of its base, AWP-sin((4*pi)/45) has an auto-turret.


AWP-sin((4*pi)/45) has a relatively high speed and a medium health for a boss. It usually attacks its players by ramming, but its turrets also play an important role. It's main auto-turret and Gunner turrets can lock on players, and have decent firepower. Bullets of these turrets have medium penetration, health, and high damage, but can still be penetrated by some focused fire tanks. Its other turrets are weak, and traps are nearly completely useless.


AWP-sin((4*pi)/45) spawns by a randomizer, and only in Boss Rush.


AWP-sin((4*pi)/45) is by far not the strongest AWP boss, but also it is not one of the weakest. Firstly, when engaging in a fight with AWP-sin((4*pi)/45) make sure you have some movement speed. AWP-sin((4*pi)/45) has high movement speed and can easily catch up on slow enemies and kill them. Secondly, make sure you have high bullet penetration, as the boss has decent firepower. Macheptionist with maxed movement speed can easily kill AWP-sin((4*pi)/45).

A different way to counter this boss ALONE is to upgrade your movement speed to maximum, use a high DPS tank such as a Twinliner or a Machine Gunner and make it follow you all along while you continuously shoot at it since it has no front cannon and only the auto turret. Ease the turns on the corners of the maps.

Another method of killing AWP-sin((4*pi)/45) involves luring it near a rock and then taking the opposite side. This works ideally with drone and minion classes, as you will be able to deal constant damage to the boss, while it will not be able to do so. Another advantage of this method is that your teammates can come to help you kill AWP-sin((4*pi)/45), and it will die even faster.

The last and 2nd best method is for someone to distract it and attack it from the side since it does not have any side turrets to shoot you except it's auto-turret. You need a high DPS tank like a Lightsaber or a high damage tank like a Redistributor. However, you need a lot of health or speed to avoid the boss' auto-turret bullets since they do decent damage.


  • sin((4*pi)/45) equals around 0.275637356.
  • This AWP always spawns in boss rush .


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