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AWP-sqrt(3) is a boss, that was added on the 21 of August in 2020 along with the boss rush and the majority of the AWP Bosses. It`s a TESTBED boss due to it`s power.


AWP-sqrt(3) consists of large equilateral triangle that consists of 16 smaller equilateral triangles and bigger equilateral triangle on one of the sides of large triangle. 10 triangles have turrets: 4 on bottom side are unknown turrets with 11 barrels, 3 in inner part are Punter turrets with 10 barrels, 2 in inner part are Punt Gun turrets, 1 on the upper corner is another unknown turret, which is similar to Sealer. Sides, except bottom side, have 24 bee drone barrels. Bottom side have triangle, which is 2 times bigger than small ones and has unknown turret, that is similar to Beehive, but has 9 barrels instead of 6. Bottom side also has 2 big barrels that have unknown purpose. One is located in bigger triangle, second is located on 2nd half of bottom side.


Can`t spawn due to power of boss.


Cannons on 2 sides are shooting with bee drones, including unknown turret in bottom side. Turrets, except turret in the upper corner, have the same stats as Punt Gun branch. Turret in upper corner has the same power as Sealer has.


Bee drones form not so dense drone cloud, but bullets can perish any tank in matter of seconds. If you see bee drones or bullets, you have only one option - RUN.


Escaping the boss can be a problem. Bullets are fast and escaping them is trouble even in far distances due to amount of them. You have only 1 option - dodge these bullets and drones.

Killing AWP-sqrt(3)

It`s hitbox is the small center triangle. This hitbox is hard to reach due to the amount of bullets. You can only block them using 5-6 Hexa Builders. Boss will go into the traps, killing itself. You can get 1-2 Redistributors to kill boss faster. To kill boss faster, you can get 2 extra Hexa Builders. Boss is slow, you you will kill it slowly. If boss penetrates these traps, get 1-2 Atrophys or Injectors to heal all team members. If you did it - congratulations!


  • This boss has never been seen in Developer Events.
  • This is the only AWP boss that uses sqrt in it`s number.
  • sqrt(3) is a square root of 3. sqrt(3) = 1,732050807568...


High-res image of AWP-sqrt(3)

High-res image of AWP-sqrt(3).

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