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The Abetter is a tier 5 tank upgrading from Spreadguard at level 60.


The Abetter has a circular body with a Spreadling cannon on its front. In other words, a central barrel looking like the Basic's, secondary barrels like the Minishot's and tertiary and quaternary barrels that originated from the Spreadling. It also has a minion spawner that generates a minion looking like the Spreadling.


The Abetter shoots bullets with moderate-low damage, decreasing in damage depending of the bullet. It also spawns a weaker minion with the same damage rate (compared to other minions). The Abetter has huge AoD (Area of Denial) and spread due to its 14 barrels (7 from it, 7 from its minion).


The Abetter upgrades from the Spreadguard.png Spreadguard at level 60.

As a level 60 tank, the Abetter doesn't upgrade further.


As the Abetter

  • Your huge spread can make you gain significant AoD. This can be used on intense fights and when fighting tanks like the Underseer, which have multiple drones, but are significantly (and fairly) weak.
  • You can also try to fight some tanks like the Triplet, given that you can ouflank it.

Against the Abetter

  • Drone tanks will have a hard time fighting this due to its huge spread, but minion and probe tanks will have no problem fighting this.
  • Tanks such as Triplet and Sprayer can win the Abetter due to its lower DPS, but don't get flanked! You cannot fight an Abetter and a minion Spreadling at the same time and at different places and win easily. Getting flanked also means guaranteed death, unless you are very lucky or skilled.


  • The Abetter was added to the game on 25/11/2019
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