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The Acicula is a Tier 5 Tank that upgrades from the Spike Spike.png and the Mega Smasher Mega Smasher.png at level 60


The Acicula looks like the mega smasher, but it has 6 spikes on each side..


The Acicula has more shield regen and health plus more damage done on collision with other tanks


The Acicula upgrades from Spike.png Spike and Mega Smasher.png Mega Smasher at level 60. It can't upgrade any further.


As The Acicula

You can kinda just charge at people and kill them. Though, usually do this with only drone tanks, if they’re not skilled enough to be agile and confusing with their paths AND controlling drones well, then you can kill them

Avoid any Tank with powers(Chiller, Acid, Acolyte, Stingray, AC Gun, Etc.)

Against The Acicula

Use something like the Chiller to kill it

Trailblazer branches may also have a chance at this

Trivia(plus Name Definition)

  • When turning the Miter Edges option on, the Acicula looks spikier.
    • This is also the same with the Mega Crusher.
      • This is probably because some people don't like the rounded edges of arras.
      • An Acicula is, of a mineral, a spike of an Acicular form.
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