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The Adaptor is a tier 5 tank that upgrades from Annihilator and Furnace.


The Adaptor has a circular body and a large tapering gun wider than the tank itself, attached to a short trapezoidal barrel.


It fires Annihilator bullets at a fast rate, but they are much weaker making this like a Machine-Gun Annihilator.


The Adaptor upgrades from Annihilator and Furnace at level 60 does not upgrade any further as it is a Tier 5 tank.


As the Adaptor

  • Use high reload to destroy enemies in sight, however you do need bullet speed because your bullets are slow as well.
  • Ramming will be ideal as your bullets do recoil you a lot, use your swiftness to manage enemies without a team.

Against the Adaptor

  • High penetration tanks such as Obliterator class can easily destroy this tank, it's bullets are weaker than the Annihilator's.
  • Bullet spam tanks will be helpful only if used correctly.