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The Akafuji is an animated tier 4 tank branching from Stiletto.png Stiletto at level 45. It is the start of the "scissors" portion of animated tanks.


The Akafuji was envisioned by numerous people, including Clarise, Knightmare, and others. It was released without beta testing on 17 April 2020. On the same day, its lances were nerfed and its gun was buffed. The next day it was buffed slightly. On 21 April the Akafuji's animations were tweaked and an animation damage inconsistency bug was patched. The Akafuji branch was further nerfed three times over the next month. On 31 May 2020, an upgrade-based exploit found by Deeew was patched.


The Akafuji features two very long, symmetrical lancers and a Basic barrel. The lancer animation moves smoothly between "open" and "closed."


Like most lancers, the Akafuji moves very fast. Its long, wide lance makes it easy to block most bullets as well as attack effectively. The lance is not as strong as it used to be, but is still a formidable weapon. The bullet barrel fires bullets that are stronger than Basic's but has less reload.


The Akafuji upgrades from the Stiletto.png Stiletto at level 45.

It upgrades into the following at level 60: 


As the Akafuji

  • Use the lance and speed to your advantage. The width and sheer size of the lance is enough to deter many tanks, but be wary of drones and homing tanks.
  • Only attack bosses if they are not directly attacking you. The bosses are often wide enough that they can outflank your lance.
  • Use the bullet only when you have the advantage. An open Akafuji is much weaker.

Against the Akafuji

  • Use drone tanks, homing tanks, or ceptionist tanks to outflank the Akafuji and attack from multiple sides.
  • The Akafuji cannot block all bullets, and an EMP renders it immobile and defenseless. Try to use poison, chiller, or Atrophy tanks.


  • The Akafuji was used as an interactive logo in the Woomy Arras io main discord server.
  • Upon right-clicking, the Akafuji's upgrade options would disappear until the player switches back into lance mode.


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