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The Amnuhev is a Tier 5 Tank evolving from the Shrapnel at level 60. Amnuhev is a nuke tank and an "auto-tank"


The Amnuhev has added in 1st march 2019. and yes. It has been buffed in 18th april 2019.


Tank design

The Amnuhev has a circular body with a cannon. The cannon has got a trapezoidal base and end. The center is rectangular.

Nuke design

The Amnuhev Nuke is an ellipse with small rectangles on the rear. It has an auto turret on the top.

Explosion design

The Amnuhev explosion is circular and surrounded by many auto-turrets.


The Amnuhev explosion has medium damage but the auto-turrets can be very dangerous. Unfortunately, when it touches a player, the nuke doesn't explode but deal a large amount of damage (half of opponent's life if correctly built)


The Amnuhev upgrade from Shrapnel at level 60.

Being a tier 5, the Amnuhev cannot evolve further.


As the Amnuhev

  • Do not direct your bullet on the opponent, but get back and shoot next to it. By exploding, it will deal a nice amount of damage.
  • If you're against many people, Shoot between them all, the explosion will hurt them all.

Against the Amnuhev

  • The Amnuhev can only shoot in one direction. Use drones to quickly get on the Amnuhev's back.
  • Do not use Propeller class : the explosion and nuke trajectory will get you anyways