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The Andrena is a Tier 4 Tank upgrading from the Mini Swarmer at level 45. It gains 2 more guns, and fires like the Minigun.


The Andrena has a circular body. On the front are 3 wide trapezoids with different length, stacked from the longest to the shortest, like the Minigun.png Minigun. A long, medium-width rectangle overwraps them.


The Andrena's each hive launcher has reduced reload, but because it has 3 launchers, the reload time is decreased to 5/6. As it fires quickly, the hives' health and damage is reduced by about 40%. The hives also move at high speed.

The hives now have only 2 bee spawners each.


The Andrena upgrades from the Mini Swarmer.png Mini Swarmer at level 45.

The Andrena can upgrade into the following:


As the Andrena

  • Your DPS is actually about 3 quarters of the Mini Swarmer's, so you'll need more aim accuracy to play with this tank.
    • However, because of the hives' speed and the base accuracy, it may be easier to hit the target directly with the hives.
  • The bees can still be used to deal tons of small damage, but you have much lesser amount of bees. Basically, the Andrena is worse than the Mini Swarmer in this point.

Against the Andrena

  • It's easy to defeat it with the Destroyer-branch tanks. The single bullet can destroy many hives and reach the tank.
    • However, you need to hit it fast, or you can die from the bees.
  • High RoF tanks work as well. Just be sure that it has higher DPS than the Andrena.


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