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The Annihilator is a Tier 4 Tank that upgrades from the Destroyer at level 45.


The Annihilator has a cannon that is as wide as the tank itself.

The bullets are as big as the tank itself.


The Annihilator fires even more powerful bullets that are bigger, deal more damage, and have more penetration and recoil at the cost of bullet speed and reload.


The Annihilator can upgrade from the Destroyer (Tank).png Destroyer at level 45.

The Annihilator can upgrade into the 28 tanks shown below (incomplete list):


As the Annihilator

  • You can 1-shot most tanks and 2-shot most big polygons.
  • If a tank is chasing you, use your recoil to propel yourself away while shooting instant-kill bullets.
  • Most Lancer blades won't stand a chance, while the Mace.png Mace is just too slow.
  • If you are fighting against another Annihilator, whoever lands the first shot wins.

Against the Annihilator

  • Annihilators are easy to kill, assuming you can dodge.
  • Homing bullets, drones, bullet spammers, and swarms are the Annihilator's worst enemies. Use them.
  • Never ram a Annihilator. You will die very quickly.
  • Remember that traps don't really stand a chance against the Annihilator. However, several Constructor blocks may.
  • The Annihilator's bullet can only travel about half of the FoV of a level 45 tank.


Annihilator Branch
Upgrades from: Destroyer at level 15
Upgrades to: Decentralizer • Exterminator • X-Annihilator  • Annybrid • Flattener • Enforcer • Recentralizer • Retributor • Redistributor • Eradicator • Tera Trapper • Adaptor • Collider • Tera-2 • Doomsayer • Blastdoor • Pumper • Autopocalypse • Neon Annihilator • Houndoom • Overload • Quester • Extirpator • Oxyrrhexis • Decalibrator • Beignet • Giga Grower • Macrometer • Upgrade29 • Upgrade30