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The Arrow is an in-game Tier-5 tank.


The Arrow is basically a Rocket, but with the front barrel replaced by 2 pelleter barrels.


The Arrow shoots pellets at the front. Unlike the other Tri-angle branch tanks, the barrels have less recoil, making the rear thrusters doing their job better, hence making it faster.


The Arrow upgrades form the Infuser and the Rocket at Level 60. It doesn't upgrade any further as it is a Tier-5 tank.


Strong against

Most other rammers (at low health), tanks with BOTH low DPS and low projectile damage, drone users.

Weak against

Minion users (If skilled), Destroyer branch, bullet spammers.

As the Arrow

  • Use a Dragon build if possible------it will help you very much.
  • If you spot a rammer, charge into them while firing when they are at low health. If they are at high health, run.
  • Drone users' drones have lower speed than you, so try luring them into one spot far away from it, and then make a sudden charge. The player will have nothing to defend itself now.

Against the Arrow

  • Drones are weak against the Arrow, but not minions. Gather all of your minions into you while approaching it.
  • If you are a Destroyer branch tank, just shoot the Arrow if you see it coming towards you.
  • A bullet spammer like the Binoculars with medium movement speed is already enough to overpower the Arrow.