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[1] The arrowhead is a Tier-5 tank that has an unknown release date.


This tank has a circular body with 3 barrels at the front, of which 1 is a normal basic barrel, so as the other 2 but shorter and placed in the same weird angles. On the back, the arrowhead has a minion spawner disguised as a drone spawner.


The arrowhead can only fire the central barrel, which has a similar stat of a basic's. The other 2 barrels can only be fired upon pressing and holding right-click. The minion spawner spawns an uncontrollable twin minion that acts like guardian drones of the basebrid branch. However, it will still chase enemies even though they have retreated far away. The minion will also be spawned immediately after its death.


Strong against

Rammers, bullet smashers, tanks with low DPS/RoF

Weak against

Tanks with high DPS/RoF, minion users, sniper branch(If far away).

As the arrowhead

  • This tank is surprisingly weak, so always be wary of other players.
  • Rammers and bullet smashers such as photographer and shooting star will never stand a chance against you. Just remember to move backwards and hold right-click so they cannot dodge the bullets.
  • Tanks without high DPS/RoF will be perished heavily since you have a similar bullet stat but an extra minion.
  • Drone users may seem hard to fight, but you can just simply get up close while shooting at the drones, because your minion can focus on to the drone user. Lastly, shoot at them. Shoot any drones first if some are spawned.

Against the arrowhead

  • Rammer builds and bullet smashers are NOT recommended since the side barrels will still damage you when you try to dodge the bullets from the central barrel.
  • Bullet spammers are capable of shredding through its bullet streams. Be careful though, as its minion is also deadly.
  • Sniper branch is highly recommended, because you can never be targeted along with its FoV, but don't get close or else you're screwed.


A high-res image of the Arrowhead.