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The Assassin is a Tier 3 Tank upgrading from the Sniper at level 30.


The Assassin features a circular base with a rectangular gun supported with a trapezoidal base. Compared to its predecessor, the Sniper, its gun is slightly longer.


The Assassin has a larger field of vision than the Sniper and faster Bullet Speed; however, it has a reduced rate of fire. Its bullets are of the same power, besides a very small increase in resistance.


The Assassin upgrades from the Sniper.png Sniper at level 30.

The Assassin can upgrade to the following:


As the Assassin

  • The strategies for the Assassin are very similar to the Sniper's.
  • The player should use their larger field of view to their advantage. The Assassin's low rate of fire is bad for close quarters combat, so the player should avoid the target by staying as far away as possible. As its FoV is large enough that it can comfortably stay well out of the FoV of most tanks, it should try to snipe most tanks from the edge of its FoV.
  • Ideally, an Assassin should approach its enemy (who does not know that the Assassin is there) stealthily.
  • A good tactic with Assassin is to shoot at where the player’s target will be. The player must always predict their enemies’ movements.
  • When an Assassin encounters another player nearby, it should run away unless it has a clear advantage. If they see the player and fire at them, they should move away from them and if they follow the player, fire at them and watch every direction, as another player, such as one with a rammer build, can quickly move in to kill the player if they don’t see it in time.

Against the Assassin

  • The Director branch can easily surround and overwhelm an Assassin due to its slow Reload. However, if an Assassin catches a drone tank off guard or while its drones are away, the sniper will almost always kill the drone tank.
  • Player using tanks in the Pounder branch can outmaneuver and kill an Assassin due to the increased damage per shot and typically greater mobility at close to medium range.
  • Bullet Spammers like the Triplet, the Penta Shot and the Sprayer can also overwhelm an Assassin through sheer DPS at close range.
  • Rammers, like tanks in the Propeller, the Lancer and the Smasher branch, can charge at a Assassin while dodging the fast bullets, quickly killing it.
  • (This information was brought to you by the Diep.io wiki, with slight modification)


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