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The Assessor is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Navigator and Assassin at level 45.


The Assessor has a circular body with a segmented, triangular blade in front and a small tapering barrel at the rear.


Like the Navigator and any other Lancer, the Assessor has a lance that deals heavy damage at close range. This can also be used to block enemy bullets and other projectiles.

The Assessor has an even larger FoV than Navigator, about the same size as the Assassin.


The Assessor upgrades from the Assassin.png Assassin and the Navigator.png Navigator at level 45.

The Assessor can upgrade to the following:


As the Assessor

  • Anyone with weak bullets will fall to pieces, as your lance will block all of them. Just charge at them and they will die. However, you should be wary of tanks you cannot charge.
  • In a similar vein, avoid tanks like the Pounder, Sniper, and drone tanks, as their bullets are stronger and can pierce your lance. You have enough large field of view to track and run away from these tanks.
  • Now, you may see tanks with higher FoV easier and avoid being attacked from multiple sides.
  • The Assessor benefits from upgrading movement speed to make up for its short range.
  • Avoid other lancers as you have no direct advantage in combat.
  • Do not attack drone users unless you see they are distracted, since they may use drone AI to kill you.
  • Avoid the Akafuji branch as you stand no chance.

Against the Assessor

  • Mini Swarmer branch still remains a very hard counter, as your bullets have high health, and swarms will hit Assessor from all sides.
  • Tanks with homing bullets are effective (like the Neon Annihilator and Psychokinesis) as the Assessor can not defend on all sides at once.
  • Akafuji will be able to easily kill a lancer because of a longer range.
  • Typically, Assessor does not represent a threat if you have stronger bullets, but you must make sure to not be caught in an outnumbered matchup.
  • Mega Trapper branch can kill lancers if they charge at you. Getting maximum trap stats and luring Assessor is usually effective since they will typically charge you while someone else attacks you.


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