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The Assin is a tier 3 tank branching from Sniper at level 30.


The Assin has a circular base with a long cannon in front of the tank. The middle has a small blue-colored circle.


The Assin is just a Sniper tank with more recoil. Other than that, there's not much difference.


The tank can upgrade from Sniper.

Assin can upgrade to the following:


As the Tank

  • This tank can counter any Smasher class tank, so it would be easy to kill any AI rammers.
  • The tank has higher reload, so use this to your advantage to escape fights or bosses.

Against the Tank

  • This tank is fast, so use Propeller class to quickly kill it.
  • The Smasher class is weak against it so don't use it.
  • Swarming tanks can also easily kill it if your drones are fast enough.


  • Assin is Assassin without the second "ass".


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