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The Atlatl is tier 5 tank which can upgrade from Spreadbow.


The Atlatl is a Cruiser/Bullet hybrid that has 1 Swarm Barrel and a Barrel at the front barrels. It also has a Spreadling-like design where there is 3 barrels on each side. Behind the Atlatl is a Swarm Barrel and a Barrel,and the sides of the Atlatl do not have any barrels. Shooting on that spot will be advised.


The Atlatl is a tank that has low health and 4 Swarm Drone Bullets and a Spreadling design in the front,back has the same thing, but not the Spreadling barrels.


The tank can upgrade from Spreadbow.png Spreadbow at level 60, and doesn't upgrade any further.


As the Atlatl, you must be aware of Annihilator and Destroyer, as it can one-shot you but not when you know how to dodge, Be very aware of Bullet Speed, as you probably cant dodge so add 2 or less, or 3 movement speed. You can dodge Annihilator bullets now. Now you are ready to battle tanks with the tank that almost nobody knows how to get.