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The Atrophy is a tier 5 tank that upgrades from the Injector.png Injector at level 60.


The Atrophy has a circular body with a transparent hole within it allowing it to see the charge level of your tank (we'll see later). On the front is a typical, triangular lance. On the rear is a rectangle, then a square, then a rectangle


The Atrophy fires bullets from a syringe that heals teammates and poisons enemies. The syringe fills faster, and the bullets are bigger. The bullets do not go through teammates, which allows more teammates to be hit by the bullet. The bullet does not harm crashers, projectiles, polygons, and dominators.


The Atrophy upgrades from the Injector.png Injector

It does not upgrade any further.


As the Atrophy

  • When you are with teammates, stay behind a bit, while shooting at teammates when one of the teammates gets damaged.
  • Don't worry bud, your lance still do a process of dealing pain from your not-loved ones : damage

Against the Atrophy

  • Swarming tanks are effective, as the Atrophy cannot defend from all sides easily.
  • You can swamp the Atrophy with a Necromancer, as it’s bullets only harm you.
  • The rear pusher cannot shoot, so don't fear outflanking the Atrophy


  • An atrophy, in medical and marketing terms, significate a regression, of activity, size, thiccness etc...
  • If we could see that Injector interior is poison, it's still impossible to determine what product shoot Atrophy.
  • Uncharged, Injector and Atrophy are almost undiscernable (the rear rear rectangle is wider in Atrophy.)
  • The Atrophy's inside is black when charged fully