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The Auto-2-3 is a Tier 5 Tank upgrading from Auto 2-2.png Auto-2-2 at level 45. The Auto-2-3 can be legitimately considered as a recursive tank.


The History of the Auto-2-3 is pretty small but old (to find it you must see the old changelogs) : On the 03/25/2019 (March 25th) patch was added our tank. The same patch was added one of it's major upgrades, the Auto-2-5.

Since, the Auto-2-3 never changed


The Auto-2-3 have a circular bod that can be every team color depending on which one is located the Auto-2-3. It have on this body three balls where are attached two others balls where are attached two square cannons. Those balls represent gray Auto-2's. There are three of them and the cannons all touch another one of another Auto-2


The Auto-2-3 has one of the best reloads, like most recursive tanks. The Auto-2-3 can focus on 6 targets at a time, but most of the time it only focus on 2/3 (and that's pretty good like that because anyway if only one barrel targets on anything then it'll be too weak). The movement speed is still the same and doesn't have to be upgraded. Finally, the Auto-2-3 has pretty weak bullets but it can be upgraded well.


The Auto-2-3 upgrades from Auto 2-2.png Auto-2-2 at level 45. It can then upgrade into :


As the Auto-2-3

  • To start, you can use a build that privileges bullet damage, life, penetration and bullet speed but don't touch reload as it is very good like that.
  • Moving is an option because your auto-turrets are strong and fast enough to make your enemies flee. No tanks can avoid your bullets.
    • But avoid Pounder class as it can easily out-penetrate your insignificant bullets
  • In teams, get forward everybody as your bullets are a good wall.

Against the Auto-2-3

  • Use Pounder class as the bullets are small and can't penetrate anything.
  • You can't dodge, so don't move for nothing.


  • In the changelogs, it's written two times than Auto-2-3 has been added.