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Auto-4 is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from Auto-3 at level 45.


Auto 4 has four evenly spaced turrets that look like a squished twin turret.


The tank's base rotates while the automatic cannons shoot at nearby shapes, but when there is a tank or a boss it will target it. When auto-fire is enabled the turrets will follow your cursor with a slight delay.


The tank upgrades from Auto 3.png Auto-3.

It can upgrade to the following:

  • Auto-6.png Auto-6
  • 30px Swivel-4
  • 30px Opposition
  • 30px Hourglass
  • Auto-4-2.png Auto-4-2


For killing players I suggest you try to act like you are running for about half of their hp and then drop back and zigzag to confuse them (this strategy only works if you have a least 6 movement speed) For killing AIs I would start by making it chase you until it starts to back off then using your movement speed rush in on it. If you don't really have movement speed then try to back it into a wall and kill it using your ghosting bullets.

As the Tank

This tank doesn't have any defense so putting points into body damage, hp and shield stats is highly recommended if your looking to last more than a minute.

Against The Tank

To kill an auto-4 is very easy, using a high penetration like triplet can wipe it out quickly. Another strategy to use would be to attack them when the auto turrets are distracted on another tank.


Auto-3 Branch
Upgrades from: Auto-2 at level 15  •  Flank Guard at level 15
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