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The Auto-7 is a tier 5 tank that upgrades from the Auto-5 and the Octo Tank at level 60.


The Auto-7 has a circular body with seven turrets spread around its body. Each turret has a small gun attached to it.


Like the Auto-2, the Auto-7 is an autospinning tank that uses its turrets to fire. The player can manually aim and fire its turrets using the firing buttons. While not being controlled, they will passively fire at objects in their sight.

Each turret of the Auto-7 deals moderate damage with their small, fast bullets.


The Auto-7 upgrades from the Auto-5 and the Octo Tank. It does not upgrade any further.


As the Auto-7

  • Just simply dodge and let the turrets aim and shoot for you.
  • The turrets cannot shoot drones, so you will need to aim manually.

Against the Auto-7

  • Focused fire will destroy this tank, as it is mainly meant for crowd control and defense.
  • Battleship can easily kill it, as its auto-turrets can only fire in one place manually.