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Reanimated notice icon.png This page is about removed content.
This page refers to content that was in Woomy-Arras.io in the past, but has since been removed from the game. It is being kept for historical purposes.

The Auto-Glove was a Tier 5 tank that branched from the Glove and the Audioboard at level 60.

It was temporarily removed due to glitches with its launchable turrets.


The Auto-Glove looked like the Glove, but with an Auto Turret on top.


The Auto-Glove operated in a similar fashion to the glove, but it had an Auto Turret on top.


As the Auto-Glove

Against the Auto-Glove


  • The Auto-Glove was OP and glitchy when first introduced.
  • The Auto-Glove got removed on PATCH 06/16/2020 (1).
  • The Auto-Glove, among other removed tanks, can occasionally be accessed in Boss Rush through a glitch, though it cannot be seen by you, and Switcheroo or Inceptioner will be visible in the tank name space.