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The Auto-Twin is a Tier 3 Tank that upgrades from the Twin and the Auto-Basic at level 30.


The Auto-Twin has a circular body, two front guns and an auto-turret in the middle of its body.


The two guns of the Auto-Twin are identical in power to the Twin's. Compared to the Twin, it just adds an auto-turret which automatically fires on enemies nearby. Its bullets are weak but fast while the Twin guns' bullets are stronger and slower.


The Auto-Twin upgrades from the Twin.png Twin and the Auto-Basic.png Auto-Basic at level 30.

The Auto-Twin can upgrade to the following.


As the Auto-Twin

  • The Auto-Twin has many of the same strategies as the Twin.
  • The Auto-Twin has a higher rate of fire power than many tanks and strong bullets that can challenge most other tanks.
  • Try to attack tanks with low reload such as Ranger, Annihilator, and Overlord.
  • Drone tanks may pose a hazard if you are distracted.
  • The Auto-Twin's auto turret can let you know where shapes and enemies are.
  • Your auto turret can also aid you in finishing off retreating enemies.
  • Pressing the R key to turn on override will turn off the auto-turret, hiding you better.
  • Be wary that your auto-turret can be distracted by Override drones, crashers and shapes. If possible, avoid being near them.

Against the Auto-Twin

  • Be aware that to run away, you must be fast, a skilled dodger, or just lucky. The auto turret easily tracks you.
  • As a Twin, the Auto-Twin lacks in ranged fights. The auto cannon makes it extremely hard to creep up on it, but with VPN, you can creep up that creeper (aw man). However, because using counter tanks to defeat one is both inconvenient and rude (if it's not an A.I.), one with good aim skilled in avoiding direct fighting with the bullets (aim to the side, etc.) should have little problem winning a 1v1.


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