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The Automind is a Tier 5 tank that upgrades from the Hivemind and the Auto-Basic at level 60.


The Automind has a circular body and a regular-sized gun in front. It has an auto-turret on top of its body with a single barrel and a dark outline around its body that signifies its Hivemind ability.


Like other Hivemind tanks, the Automind spawns and controls two probes that act as weaker clones of itself. These probes are controlled similarly to Spawner minions.

The Automind and its probes' main guns fire basic bullets with average firepower. Its auto turrets fire smaller, faster bullets that deal less damage.


The Automind upgrades from the Hivemind.png Hivemind and the Auto-Basic.png Auto-Basic at level 60.

The Automind is a level 60 tank and cannot upgrade to any other tank.


As the Automind

  • With all of your guns' and probes' firepower combined, you can seriously overwhelm an enemy from multiple angles.
  • Use your probes to surround the enemy while you attack them from the front as well.

Against the Automind

  • Go for the Automind directly, as wasting time on its probes will only let them respawn.


The Automind was suggested by an unknown person and was added to the game on April 11, 2019.


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