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The Back Shield is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Flank Guard at level 30.


The Back Shield has a circular body with an average-sized gun in front. On its back is an orange, arrow-shaped shield.


The Back Shield's main feature is its shield, which completely obstructs and deflects any single thing from moving into it. It acts similarly to map obstacles, reflecting anything that hits it without suffering any damage. Its main gun has similar firepower to the Basic's gun, firing with average power and speed.


The Back Shield upgrades from the Flank Guard.png Flank Guard at level 30.

The Back Shield can upgrade to the following:


As the Back Shield

  • Use your shield for defending against anything: strong, low-reload bullets are the easiest to block, then counterattack while they are reloading.
  • You can also prevent Smashers from getting close if you can align yourself. However, the Rotary Shield is much better for this.
  • Practice facing backward so that you can aim your shield more effectively.

Against the Back Shield

  • The Back Shield's shield is relatively useless against drones and blocks, as they can just go around it.
  • You can still hit the Back Shield while its shield is pointed at you, as it is not wide enough to cover its entire body. Try to aim at its sides just beside its shield.


The Back Shield was officially added to the game on November 10, 2019, alongside the Hidden Gunner.


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