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The Bar is a tier 5 tank that used to upgrade from the Surgeon at level 60.


The Bar features a single cyan barrel with two props on either side. It is one of three tanks to use cyan in the barrel design, and the only to shoot grey projectiles


The Bar has extremely high attack power, but very low bullet penetration. The missiles constantly spawn new ones whist killing themselves, and fire another unique projectile while doing so. The trail made by the missiles has extreme knockback, enough to stop a smasher in its tracks. The speed of the missiles highly depend on how fast the user is moving, and whether or not they are aiming in the direction they want the missiles to go. Shooting while stationary will launch slower missiles, and moving while shooting will make the missiles move dramatically faster


The Bar upgraded from Surgeon.png Surgeon at level 60. It now upgrades from Beta Tanks in the TESTBED branch.


As the Bar

Your mission as the Bar is to cause as much mayhem as possible and reap the rewards. Because of how the missiles work, don't bother with bullet speed. Initiate fights by sneaking up on your target when they're open. If the attempt fails, fire slow-moving missiles, and attack from another angle.

  • Never challenge your opponent's bullets as the missiles have too low health.
  • When fighting rammers, bait them into the missile trail to slow them down.

Against the Bar

  • While the Bar has extreme attack power, it is extremely ineffective at dealing damage to rammers.
  • If you are a rammer and the Bar is aiming backwards to use the missile knockback to prevent your approach, then it is bullet. If not the Bar will attempt to ram you. Run.