The Basebrid is a Tier 2 Tank upgrading from the Basic at level 15. It branches off into most other tanks with automatic drone guns.


The Basebrid has a circular body with a Basic gun in front and a drone spawner on its back.


Upgrading to the Basebrid gives the tank an AI drone spawner on top of its Basic gun. This drone spawner spawns independent drones that cannot be controlled by the player. They automatically attack nearby shapes and enemies.

A maximum of 3 drones can be spawned by the drone spawner.


The Basebrid upgrades from the Basic.png Basic at level 15.

The Basebrid can upgrade to the following:


As the Basebrid

The AI drones can provide extra protection from tanks while your main gun fires on enemies.

  • Auto-drones do not have as much range as auto-turrets, so expect them to only attack close enemies.
  • The Basebrid's gun still provides ample firepower from the front.
  • Auto-drones will chase other players. If dealing with more than one other player, you can let the drones chase one player and attack the other.
  • Try to penetrate out a pathway for your auto-drones to follow, allowing full penetration/damage.
  • If you can't out penetrate your opponent, try to get your auto-drones to go around the enemy's bullets/traps/drones.

Against the Basebrid

  • The Basebrid's drone spawner has very low reload and take a long time to respawn. Destroying them could give you the upper hand for a few moments.
  • Alternatively, if you have a long-range tank, you can ignore the drones and stay out of their detection range while attacking from afar.
  • Be careful of the auto-drones. If you keep your distance, the auto-drones will not lock on you.



The Basebrid and other Hybrid tanks' names derive from the original Hybrid tank from

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