The Basic is a famous starter tank in Woomy Arras io. It is automatically chosen when starting a game, excluding testbed events.


The Basic features a circular base with a moderately-sized cannon at the front.


The Basic's stats are very average but has surprisingly good strengths for a starter tank.


The Basic can upgrade to the following:


As the Basic

  • Try to avoid tanks that can out-penetrate you or are faster you, as they could defeat a basic easily. Your chances of winning do exist against them, but it's rather low.
  • Consider gathering score through farming rather than killing tanks if you can't fight against the other players in the server. If you can fight them (players with weaker tanks, distracted AIs, players with less skill), it is recommended to do so.
  • Think of the Basic like a nerfed Pounder. Yes, this is a comparison that exists. Your DPS is, of course, average and you are able to hold your ground without being easily outpenetrated (cough, Pelleter, cough).
  • The Basic is decent against drone tanks, for some reason.
  • The Basic has a lower danger value than everything except for VPN and Incognito. Use this to your advantage.

Against the Basic

  • Do not underestimate the Basic, as that type of thinking can be used against you. It isn't the biggest threat, but it is not a cakewalk fighting a Basic. Try to outmaneuver them.
  • Be careful with certain tanks such as drone classes where you would be unable to attack for a period of time.


  • Info available on the Wiki.
  • Branches into the most tanks (obviously)


Recommended Builds

General: (0/1/7/7/8/8/4/6/0/0)

Ram: (8/9/0/0/0/0/9/9/7/0) or (9/9/0/0/0/0/9/9/6/0)

Troll (not the best): (4/4/4/4/4/5/5/4/4/4)

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