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The Battleship is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Cruiser.png Cruiser , Twin Flank.png Twin Flank, and the Overseer.png Overseer at level 45.


The Battleship has a circular body with four swarm drone guns in total, two on each side of its body.


Like the Cruiser.png Cruiser, the Battleship wields time-limited swarm drones. These swarm drones must be actively fired and are also much faster, smaller, and weaker than regular drones.

Two of the Battleship's guns fire controllable swarm drones, while the other two fire AI-controlled swarm drones.


The Battleship upgrades from the Cruiser.png Cruiser, the Twin Flank.png Twin Flank, and the Overseer.png Overseer at level 45.

The Battleship can upgrade to the following:


As the Battleship

  • Try to always continuously fire so you aren't caught off-guard with no drones to defend yourself with. Beware, however, that your AI swarm drones will lead enemies right towards you.
  • The mobile nature of swarm drones means the Battleship can easily deal with low-reload tanks like Pounders and Snipers.
  • Thanks to the position of the Battleship's guns, its drones will always come in from the sides, allowing you to bypass enemy defenses from the front.

Against the Battleship

  • Swarm drones are relatively weak but can deal a lot of damage if you are overrun by them.
  • If you get too close to the Battleship, its AI swarm drones will start targeting you. This gives the Battleship even more firepower.
  • The Battleship is also vulnerable to mobile tanks that can outmaneuver its drones, like Tri-Angle tanks.


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