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The Bent Single is a Tier 4 Tank that upgrades from the Triple Shot, the Double, and the Machete at level 45.


The Bent Single has a circular body and three frontal guns. Each of its guns has a large, slanted base.


The Bent Single's front guns are similar to the Triple Shot's, firing bullets in an alternating pattern. Its bullets are relatively durable and strong.

Like the Single, the Bent Single has the ability to extend its camera in the direction it's facing by holding secondary fire. The camera will stay in that position until secondary fire is released.


The Bent Single upgrades from the Triple Shot.png Triple Shot, the Double.png Double, and the Machete.png Machete at level 45.

The Bent Single can upgrade to the following.

  • Anamorphosis.png Anamorphosis (Lv. 60)
  • 30px Pringle (Lv. 60)
  • 30px Triple (Lv. 60)


As the Bent Single

  • Even though the Bent Single has three guns, it still can miss targets who are far away due to the spread of its bullets.
  • Targets that are closer to you will be more likely to be hit by more of your bullets.
  • Use your scope to see further ahead than usual and spot vulnerable tanks to close in on or stronger tanks to avoid.

Against the Bent Single

  • Because of the angle of its guns, the Bent Single's bullets greatly spread out at long range, making it much less threatening.
  • You can counter the Bent Single's bullets with even stronger bullet spam from tanks like the Blaster.


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