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Beta-Testers (BT) are low-level Woomy-Arras.io staff members that test the tanks in the TESTBED Beta category that may get released in the future. They have exclusive access to the BT Token, which is confidential and will never be displayed on the Woomy-Arras.io Wiki. Senior-Testers (ST) are able to access more tanks as well as TESTBED Bosses, Miscellaneous, and Overdone.


Beta-Testers are selected by the Developers, currently Hellcat and Absol, from a variety of applicants. Currently, BT applications must require the following:

  • Balance changes suggestions in a Google Document.
  • Why they want to be a Beta-Tester.
  • Why they should be chosen as a Beta-Tester.
  • Be level 30 on Woomy Discord.

As of 6 April 2021, the applications for BT are closed.


Beta Testers are expected to balance TESTBED Tanks that are expected to be released in the future. They are also expected to balance existing tanks using various balance suggestions, from Balancers and others. They may showcase new tanks to players in Boss Rush.


  • Beta-Testers can access TESTBED by pressing ` or /.
  • Beta-Testers can turn into a level 0 basic by pressing P.