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Beyblade is a Tier 5 tank which upgrades from Flail.png Flail at level 60.


Beyblade has a circular body that has a small gray smasher surrounded by a black ring connected to its body by a thin rectangular chain, which has four purely decorative circles on it.


Beyblade uses its flail as a weapon that deals massive damage against opponents and easily kills them. Beyblade's range is limited, but the smasher part can be launched. Beyblade does not immediately turn its flail from one direction to another, and bullet speed is responsible for making such turnarounds faster. A special mechanic called collision will deal much higher damage if the player does not move while the Beyblade hits the opponent.


The Beyblade upgrades from the Flail.png Flail at Level 60.

The Beyblade cannot upgrade as it is a Tier 5 tank.


As the Beyblade

  • İf you are experienced, you can take out almost all tanks.
  • Avoid homing tanks because they can easily kill you using their homing ammunition.
  • İf you don't have the experience, avoid the Engineer branch because the auto-turrets on their pillboxes can attack and damage you until you are dead.
  • Avoid Underseer branch, as it can easily overwhelm you. However, if underseer is not skilled, you can slowly pick off its drones at a long range.
  • Be vary of Redistributor because your flail might not be able to stop the bullet. If you manage to dodge, you can kill redistributor.
  • Use the launching ability sparingly, it has a slow reload and the flail cannot attack with the melee flail when it has launched.

Against the Beyblade

  • Most tanks do not stand a chance against a skilled Beyblade, but tanks with homing bullets can very dangerous.
  • Some Director branch tanks discluding Underseer branch will not have drones strong enough to go through the Beyblade. Underseer branch with max drones can easily wipe the Beyblade out.
  • Boomer branch can be effective too, if used correctly.
  • Since Beyblade is not protected within the range of its flail, stalking on it with an invisible tank may be effective.
  • Dodge the flail when it's launched, then the Beyblade is vulnerable.
  • If you somehow manage to get in between the Beyblade head and the body, that Beyblade is at your mercy.
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