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Biohazard is a Tier 5 Tank that was added on a unknown release date.


The biohazard has a circle body with 3 Pounder barrels. In between the Pounder barrels it has 3 Gunner barrels.


Biohazard´s pounder barrels have the same damage and reload as the pounder. Its gunner bullets are weak but have high reload.


Biohazard can upgrade from Insect at level 45. It can not upgrade any further due to it being a teir 5 tank.


As the biohazard

  • Try to use your pounder cannons so you could kill players and large polygons such as Alpha Pentagon faster.

Against the biohazard

  • Use high dps tanks like the Pentashot branch to kill it faster
  • Use tanks like the Underseer branch and ram it with the drones to kill it