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The Bite of '87 is a Tier 5 Tank evolving from Akafuji.png Akafuji at level 60.

It is part of the "scissors" portion of animated tanks.

History :

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Design :

The Bite of '87 has a circular body with a cutted long lance that can open up, smoothly, revealing a Pounder barrel. Like others tanks of the Akafuji branch, the lances will also open (and close) in the leaderboard.

Technical :

Like most lancers, the Bite of '87 moves very fast. Its long, wide lance makes it easy to block most bullets as well as attack effectively. The lance is not as strong as it used to be, but is still a formidable weapon. The bullet barrel fires bullets that are stronger than Pounder's but has less reload.

Upgrades :

The Bite of '87 upgrades from the Akafuji.png Akafuji at Level 60

The Bite of '87 cannot upgrade since it is a Tier 5 tank.

Strategy :

As the Bite of '87

  • To get in the Pentagon Nest without danger ; destroy polygons with your pounder tank and use the lance to kill crashers. Crushers will be more tough.
  • To beat Smasher class, just use your lance and get back until he has at least ¼ of it's health, where you can run into it and finally kill it.

Against The Bite of '87

  • Use drones or Ceptionist tanks to outflank the Bite of '87. It is also weaker when it changes form, even if it's for a very short period.
  • As a Pounder tank, he will have a bad reload but good damage, which is easy to dodge. Use a strong but fast tank to dodge and deal damage to the Bite of '87.

Trivia and Fun Facts :

The Bite of 87's name is based on a quote from the game Five Nights at Freddy's.

There used to be a point where you could simply click and hold on both left and right mouse buttons for greatly increased rate of fire from the pounder, as it reset each time it reopened.

Gallery :