MoonBeam95 MoonBeam95 17 days ago


Farming shapes in Portal Domination :D

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CR1MS0NRAGE1 CR1MS0NRAGE1 22 days ago

I've made a discovery

So I was reading the page for the Comet and it said that the Comet is a Hemisphere. So I thing if they are any other circulare bosses they may be another Hemisphere, which means we can't let them both spawn cause the Hemispheres are dangerous and the server will (maybe) explode.


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Stoplookin9 Stoplookin9 22 October


After an editing spree today, I have finished the Auto-Smasher branch! Photos will be uploaded tomorrow. 
Next up: Spike. 
After that: Mega Smasher. 

If you got any photos of tanks in the Auto-Smasher branch, please submit them before 9:00 AM Eastern Time Zone. I will be submitting them around that time.  Also, 550 edits! Yay!

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Stoplookin9 Stoplookin9 21 October


Bonker branch is complete! We still need some pictures. 
If anybody could, I would really be happy if someone starts to work on the Mega Smasher branch while I am tackling the Spike and Auto Smasher branches. 

Also, if anyone is wondering how I make these pages so fast, here it is. 
I type up a basic template on Google Docs for source editing. I then use Find and Replace to replace the placeholder maintank, tank1, ect. After that, I type up the Design and Technical sections, which are similar between tanks, as I am working on the Smasher branch. Because the tank pages that I created are tier 5 tanks, Upgrades is very simple. Strategies-I leave them blank for other people to fill it in (as I am not the best at writing strategies). 
Also, I type…

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ArrasbadxPheonix ArrasbadxPheonix 15 October

Boss Pics

I am a boss hunter, and I have a lot of pictures of bosses! Plz tell me in the comments what boss you need me to add a picture too!

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Smelty2008 Smelty2008 30 September


Bunch of lagbots suddenly appeared as tornados, lagging the server to practically one percent....i dunno.

p.s. is this a world record for server speed?

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Keresluna678 Keresluna678 25 September

Big score on

Anyone beat this?

(Press read more to find out the score)

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Doglover111223 Doglover111223 16 September

What question

Elite Crasher

What is your favorite elite crasher?

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OmegaKyurem OmegaKyurem 30 August

nother blog post





rework the whole hivemind branch like what the fuck all of them are either UP or OP.

add moar mini growers and inceptioners


why is square sanctuary the hardest, why not egg sanctuary

can you see tk-x in game or

r e w o r k  b u b b l e g u m t h e m e

oblivion make a darker vers of dexamene theme

blog is a little shorter but thats ok time to end it

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OmegaKyurem OmegaKyurem 26 August

ow, that's not a lotta blog posts

time to say some random stuff

moderator>recentralizer for ambushing, moderator is sort of a "auto Ambusher", especially with auto fire off abuse. Recentralizer isn't much better, since when you fire, you give away your position, therefore you being able to be killed.

Smart players can find the Moderator and kill it, but this is what WASD is for.

Recentralizer can be quicker at killing enemies, but that doesn't mean it's better

alright time to talk about other stuff

Splitter Minions are op af. clary why did you make them so. why.

Landmines require patience to play. After killing an enemy, leave the area so that they can't hunt you down. Only do this if you are sure they'll hunt you, otherwise it's just a waste of time.

There are two faces to Build…

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Doglover111223 Doglover111223 24 August

Random Question

This question is marked as [&]. Do you know that i made fanmade tanks in woomy I didnt actually put tanks in the game but i thought of fanmade tanks and then i made a wiki page. Its on my profile page. Yes or No. This question is marked as [%]. Also, Do you like Sassafras or Elite Borer More. [A] For Sassafras, [Z] For Elite Borer. Use [&] or [%] if your reacting to a question. [&] For the fanmade tank question, and [%] for the elite borer and sassafras question.

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Vasya124567 Vasya124567 8 August

Ranking the boss system

There are different types of counters that boss can attack, and here is the list:

  1. Bullet Spammers
  2. Long-range tanks
  3. Machine guns, or bullet spammers with some spread
  4. Redistributors
  5. Destroyer branch
  6. Auto-N branch
  7. Flails
  8. Minion tanks
  9. Drone tanks
  10. Splitter
  11. Trappers
  12. Engineers
  13. Mobile tanks and eagle branch
  14. Multiple players
  15. Multiple player teams
  16. Rebounders

16 types of the total. 

0 types vulnerable: S rank

1-2 types vulnerable: A rank

3-5 types vulnerable: B rank

6-8 types vulnerable: C rank

9-10 types vulnerable: D rank

11-14 types vulnerable: E rank

15-16 types vulnerable: F rank

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Rhythmboi Rhythmboi 4 August

Should there be a 'Pages that Might need attention'?

i tried to make one (it failed) and i want one cus tk-x is slightly missing some stuff but its mostly complete should we have one?

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Tacocat247 Tacocat247 12 July



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Moooosey Moooosey 9 June

Some notes about this wiki

- try to keep humor and opinions in the user namespace
- the policy of images of tanks is: your image may be of a tank on any team, but it should be undamaged, and it should not be in a base nor near other objects.
- keep fanon stuff in your user namespace too, at least for the time being.
- don't be afraid to ask me (and probably other mods and admins) if you have questions!

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ok, fellas, here's how it gonna work

Once Fandom finally gets back to me about my adoption of this wiki (which everyone wants apparently) I'll be able to fix a ton of things. So, here is what's gonna be happening pretty quick.

  • FrozenEarth will be the first Admin.
  • Moooosey will be the first Content Moderator.
  • A number of redundant pages are going to be deleted or merged, and a few will be renamed (like Tanks to Tanks (Disambiguation) and Silletto to Stiletto)
  • I will be creating four wikiprojects that people can choose from to work on:
    • WikiProject:Shapes
    • WikiProject:Tanks
    • WikiProject:Bosses
    • WikiProject:Lore
  • I will get a group of people that are good with screenshots and locating and uploading pictures and they (i will be a part of this too) will be the main people putting pictures on pa…
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