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Bomb is a Tier 4 tank that evolves from Foam Gun.png Foam Gun at level 45.


The Bomb has a Basic.png Basic barrel, with 2 acute triangles wrapping around the barrel. Behind everything, there is a Destroyer.png Destroyer turret.


The Bomb shoots out a small bullet, the same size as Basic.png Basic's, with a black turret on one side. The bullet is always spinning, and shooting out very small bullets from the black turret. After some time (which decreases with more reload) the bullet "explodes". That is, a lot of bullets erupt from it in an expanding circle.


The Bomb upgrades from the Foam Gun.png Foam Gun at level 45. It upgrades into the following tanks:


  • One of the Bomb's upgrade, Nuclear Bomb, was apparently removed from the game.
    • However it has since been readded into game