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The Booster is a tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Tri-Angle upon reaching level 45. 


The Booster gains 2 more back thrusters that provide more recoil. 


This tank has 2 more back bullets then the Tri-Angle, and therefore, is faster.


The Booster can upgrade from the Tri-Angle.png Tri-Angle and the Accelerator.png Accelerator at level 45.

The Booster can upgrade into the following:


As the Booster

  • Use the Booster’s speed to attack suddenly and then retreat quickly. The opponent may panic, making their aim pretty bad. 
  • If used as a ramming build, the booster’s speed makes it very annoying. 

Against the Booster

  • The Booster has no cannons that shoots directly backwards, thus opening up a vulnerable spot. 
  • The back barrels do little damage. They are ineffective against the average bullet spammer. 
  • As the Booster has little momentum control at that speed, a Booster with a ramming build can miss easily if you simply move aside.