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Bosses are powerful entities that can spawn throughout Woomy's arenas from a variety of methods. Many bosses spawn randomly on their own, but some bosses also spawn by a player or AI destroying a sanctuary. Most bosses are stronger than regular tanks excluding Redistributor and are commonly seen with large scores, which makes them a big target for other players. Bosses have different categories, ranging from Elites, to Fallen Bosses, and even some special 'series' bosses (most notably the 'AWP' series). There are also exclusive developer-only bosses that do not spawn in normal gameplay.


Elite Bosses

Name Picture Spawning Status
Elite Basic WoomyEliteBasic.png Spawnable
Elite Borer Elite Borer.png Spawnable
Elite Destroyer Elite Destroyer.png Spawnable
Elite Gunner Elite Gunner.png Spawnable
Elite Inferno Elite Inferno.png Spawnable
Elite Machine Elite Machine Boss.png Spawnable
Elite Sniper Elite Sniper.png Spawnable
Elite Sprayer Elite Sprayer.png Spawnable
Elite Trapper Elite Trapper.png Spawnable
Elite Twin WoomyEliteTwin.png Spawnable
Elite Rifle Elite Rifle.png Spawnable

Reanimated Bosses

Name Picture Status
Reanimated Farmer WoomyReanimatedFarmer.png Spawnable
Reanimated Hepta Trapper Reanimated Hepta Trapper.png Spawnable
Reanimated Uzi WoomyReanimatedUzi.png Spawnable
Reanimated Biohazard WoomyReanimatedBiohazard.png Spawnable

Fallen Bosses

Name Picture Status
Fallen Auto Tank Fallen Auto Tank.png Spawnable
Fallen Booster Fallen Booster.png Spawnable
Fallen Cavalcade Fallen Cavalcade.png Spawnable
Fallen Fighter WoomyFallenFighter.png Spawnable
Fallen Overlord WoomyFallenOverlord.png Spawnable
Fallen Piston WoomyFallenPiston.png Spawnable

Splitting Bosses

Name Picture Status
Bow Bow.png Spawnable
Constellation Constellation.png Spawnable
Snowflake Snowflake large.png Spawnable
Xyv Wdtcfgzsezgk Xyv Wdtcfgzsezgk.png Spawnable

Influx Bosses

Name Picture Status
Demolisher Demolisher.png Spawnable
Derogator WoomyDerogator.png Spawnable
Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg (Boss).png Spawnable
Cutter WoomyCutter.png Spawnable
Hexadecagor WoomyHexadecagor.png Spawnable
Industry WoomyIndustry.png Spawnable
Asteroid (Boss) Asteroid (Boss).png Spawnable
Octogeddon WoomyOctogeddon.png Spawnable
Octagron Octagron.png Spawnable
Ultimate Ultimate.png Spawnable

Nest Defender Bosses

Name Picture Notes Status
Aquamarine Aquamarine.png Spawnable
Collider (Boss) Collider (Boss).png Spawnable
Deltrablade Deltrablade.png Spawnable
Gunship Gunship.png Spawnable
Kiosk Kiosk.png Spawnable
Magnetar Magnetar.png One of the only two bosses which intend to ram Spawnable
Messenger Messenger.png Spawnable
Pulsar Pulsar.png One of the only two bosses which intend to ram Spawnable
Slider Slider.png The rarest boss in the game. One of the smallest bosses in the game, if not the smallest. Spawnable
Trape-Fighter Trapefighter.png The third rarest boss in the game. Spawnable
Vanguard Vanguard (Boss).png Spawnable
Vis Ultima Vis Ultima.png Spawnable

Special Bosses

Name Picture Status
Conquistador Conquistador.png Spawnable
PS3_33 PS3 33.png Spawnable
Mladic Mladic-1.png Spawnable
Sassafras Sassafras-1.png Spawnable
Viixittyt Ilx Viixittyt Ilx.png Spawnable

Polygon Bosses

Name Picture Notes Status
Atrium WoomyAtrium.png The boss with the lowest possible health Spawnable
Comet Comet.png Has a brown-colored variant.

Due to this it's the only other boss (the other one being Rogue Palisade) with a rare variant.

Constructionist (Boss) Constructionist (Boss).png Spawnable
Defender WoomyDefender.png Spawnable
Dropship WoomyDropship.png Holds the record for most 10 millions on the leaderboard at once. Spawnable
Elite Skimmer Elite Skimmer.png Spawnable
Gravibus Octanguli Gravibus.png Spawnable
S2_22 S2 22.png One of few bosses to have freezing effect Spawnable
AT4_BW AT4 BW.png Spawnable
Guardian Guardian.png Spawnable
Leviathan Leviathan.png Spawnable
Nailer High res Nailer.png Spawnable
Orangicus Orangicus.png Spawnable
Applicus Applicus.png Spawnable
Lemonicus Lemonicus.png Spawnable
Confidential WoomyConfidential.png Spawnable
Palisade WoomyRoguePalisade.png Smaller version of the Rogue Palisade, has 5% chance to replace the spawn. Second rarest boss in the game. Spawnable
Rogue Palisade WoomyRoguePalisade.png Spawnable
Summoner Summoner.png Spawnable
Ultimate Multitool High res Ultimate Multitool.png Spawnable
Sentry Boss Variants
Army Caltrop WoomyArmyCaltrop.png Spawnable
Army Cascader WoomyArmyCascader.png Spawnable
Army Devastator WoomyArmyDevastator.png Spawnable
Army Expunger WoomyArmyExpunger.png Spawnable

Tiered Bosses

Name Picture Notes Status
Tiered Bosses
EK-X EK-1-0.png Upgrades into EK-2. EK-3 is spawnable without evolving. Spawnable (EK-1, EK-2, EK-3)
TK-X WoomyTK-1-0.png TESTBED
Spawnable (RK-1)
CK-X Developer-Only

AWP Bosses

Name Picture Wave in Old Boss Rush
AWP-1 AWP-1.png 1
AWP-14 AWP-14.png 2
AWP-log(24) AWP-log(24).png 4
AWP-sin((4*pi)/45) AWP-sin((4*pi)/45).png 3
AWP-cos((13*pi)/60) AWP-cos((13*pi)/60).png 9
AWP-tan((3*pi)/10) AWP-tan.png 4
AWP-8 AWP-8.png 12
AWP-11 AWP-11.png 10
AWP-21 AWP-21.png 11
AWP-24 AWP-24.png 7
AWP-28 AWP-28.png 13
AWP-69 AWP-69.png 5
AWP-Ice AWP-Ice.png 7
AWP-Ring AWP-Ring.png 8
AWP-Pistolstar AWP-Pistolstar.png 8
AWP-cos(39°) AWP-cos(39).png 6


Type Name Picture Status
Celestial Athena AthenaCelestial.png In Development
Gaea GaeaCelestial.png In Development
Kierre In Development
Loki In Development
Mevolent In Development
Rhea RheaCelestial.png In Development
Rune RuneCelestial.png In Development
Serafina In Development
Tartarus TartarusCelestial.png In Development
Eternal Ra In Development
Primadoral Chaos ChaosCelestial.png In Development


Name Picture
AWP-Neph AWP-Neph.png
AWP-Snipe AWP-Snipe.png
Legendary Crasher Legendary Crasher.png
Hexaswarmer Hexaswarmer.png
C.L.O.C.K. Clock.png
Swarm Square Swarm Square.png
Squarefort Squarefort.png
Ultra Punt Ultra Punt.png
Chandelier Chandelier.png
Hexaship Hexaship.png
Unnamed Boss (No.1) Unnamed Boss 1.png
Trap Dweller Trap Dweller.png
Hexahedron Hexahedron.png
Heptahedron Heptahedron.png
Mythical Crasher Mythical Crasher.png
Sacred Crasher Sacred Crasher.png
AWP-39 AWP-39.png
Lucrehulk Lucrehulk.png
Missilus Missilus.png
Destroyer Destroyer (Boss).png
Frigate Frigate (Boss).png
Hexadecimator Hexadecimator.png
Heptadecimator Heptadecimator.png
Tetraplex Tetraplex.png
A.W.S A.W.S..png
Astra Astra.png
Article 13 Article 13.png
Industrian Industrian.png
Vacuole Vacuole.png
Tetrafras Tetrafras.png
Pentafras Pentafras.png
sarfassaS SarfassaS.png
Sassafras Supreme Sassafras Supreme.png
emerpuS sarfassaS
Unnamed Boss (No.2)
Iconsagona Iconsagona.png
ESHG-85 ESHG-85.png
Quintet Quintet.png
Vulcanship Vulcanship.png
PDK-175000 PDK-175000.png
Tri-Seeker Tri-Seeker.png
Trapperzoid Trapperzoid.png
HF-61 HF-61.png
Superbird Superbird.png
Hexachoron Hexachoron.png
Elite Defender Elite Defender.png
Custodian Custodian.png
Terrorhedron Terrorhedron.png
Overgod Overgod.png
Elite Railgun Elite Railgun.png
Dematerializer Dematerializer (Boss).png
3-Ortho 3-Ortho.png
The Jet The Jet.png
ROD-1 ROD-1.png
Terminus Terminus.png
Battlegon Battlegon.png
The King The King.png
Elite Director Elite Director.png
Sun King Sun King.png
Heptazoid Heptazoid.png
Elite Implosionist Elite Implosionist.png
Elite Battleship Elite Battleship.png
Elite Pelleter Elite Pelleter.png
Nest Keeper Nest Keeper.png
Carbonfras Carbonfras.png
Bits Krieg Bits Krieg.png
Fallen Hybrid WoomyFallenHybrid.png
Fallen Octo Tank WoomyFallenOctoTank.png

Developer-Only bosses

Name Picture
Unholy Hellbringer Unholy Hellbringer.png
Ship-36 Ship-36.png
Ultima 3 Ultima 3.png
Fueron Fueron.png
Unnamed Boss (No.3)
Solar Eclipse Solar Eclipse.png
naidrauG NaidrauG.png
Scramjet Guardian Scramjet Guardian.png
HB3_37 HB3 37.png


Much like on Arras, Bosses on Woomy can use random Names. Each Boss will use specific Names.

Each Boss using the specific names are listed below, as well as the Names they can use.

Boss Names

Any Boss using these Names are listed here:

  • Elite Crashers
  • Guardian
  • Summoner
  • Defender
  • Fallen Bosses
  • Reanimated Bosses
  • Leviathan (if spawned via Pentagon Sactuary's death)
  • EK-1
  • EK-2
  • Deltrablade
  • Collider
  • Vis Ultima
  • Gunship
  • Pulsar
  • Aquamarine
  • Trape Fighter
  • Messenger
  • Vanguard
  • Constellation
  • Constellation Core
  • Constellation Shard
  • Bow
  • Bow Core
  • Bow Shard
  • Snowflake
  • Snowflake Core
  • Snowflake Shard
  • Green Guardian (also known as PS3_33)
  • Kiosk

List of Names used:

  • Athena
  • Akilina
  • Alkaios
  • Artemis
  • Archimedes
  • Anastasios
  • Anaxagoras
  • Aniketos
  • Amyntas
  • Apollon
  • Apollo
  • Ares
  • Hades
  • Helios
  • Pewdiepie
  • Bruh Moment
  • Tephania
  • Lavoisier
  • Herschel
  • Galileo
  • Guillermo
  • Geofridus
  • Shrek
  • Newton
  • Christaire
  • Alastor
  • Maynard
  • Maxwell

Castle Names

Any Boss using these Names are listed here:

  • Atrium
  • Rogue Palisade
  • Elite Skimmer
  • Leviathan (if spawned via randomizer)
  • Hexadecagor
  • Derogrator
  • Octogeddon
  • Ultimate Multitool
  • Constructionist
  • Comet
  • Demolisher
  • Nailer
  • Gravibus Octanguli
  • Cutter
  • Ultimate
  • Conquistador
  • Xyv Wdtcfgzsezgk
  • Dropship
  • Industry
  • Asteroid
  • Army Sentries
  • Octagron
  • Orangicus
  • Applicus
  • Lemonicus

List of Names used:

  • Dobromyl
  • Bilhorod
  • Brody
  • Berezhany
  • Mangup
  • Olesko
  • Zolochiv
  • Isiaslav
  • Akkerman
  • Palanok
  • Lutsk
  • Kaffa
  • Cheese Block
  • Gervaise
  • Ganondorf
  • Hasselhoff
  • Reimund
  • Maleficum
  • Spiegel
  • Konstanze
  • Astradhur
  • Droukar
  • Callum
  • Weiss
  • Saulazar
  • Nothing

Sassafras Names

Any Boss using these Names are listed here:

  • Sassafras

List of Names used:

  • Sassafras
  • G
  • Hemisphere
  • O

Bosses that spawn nameless:

These Bosses spawn without any name whatsoever.

  • AWPs
  • EK-3
  • Elite Rifle
  • Bosses spawned by developer commands
  • RK-1