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The Bounty Hunter is a Tier 5 tank that upgrades from the MX-Gun and the Predator at level 60.


The Bounty Hunter's first form is an MX-Gun, and its other form is a Predator. There's a color-changing rectangle indicating that it's an animated tank.


In its MX-Gun form, it fires a Basic bullet and then a Destroyer bullet. In its Predator form, it fires a Basic bullet, followed by a Pounder and then a Destroyer bullet.


The Bounty Hunter upgrades from the MX-Gun.png MX-Gun and the Predator.png Predator at level 60. It cannot upgrade further, as it is a Tier 5 tank.


As the Bounty Hunter

  • Take use of the MX-Gun form to wipe out drone tanks. The smaller bullet can eliminate drones, and the bigger bullet can kill the tank itself.
  • You have a solid chance against bullet spammers.

Against the Bounty Hunter

  • Lance tanks can wipe out most of the bullets.
  • As with all animated tanks, attack it while it's transforming.


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