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The Bowed Sanctuary is a semi-hostile Sanctuary that spawns strong squares. Upon death it spawns a Bow.


It features a semi-circle attached to a diamond which has 4 square spawners around it placed equally and a strong wrecking ball turret on top.


The Bowed Sanctuary has immense health and its bullets deal large amounts of damage.


The Bowed Sanctuary will try to flee if you will attack it, which makes fight harder. Try to trap it in a corner, once trapped here, it won`t be able to flee. To kill it, small team of 2-3 players is advised.

Killing Bowed Sanctuary solo

If you are trying to kill it solo, dodge the Wrecking Ball Turret bullets and shoot into sanctuary, slowly killing it. Try using Spawner branch or Hivemind branch to kill it fast, as minions will kill it much faster even if minions being killed. If you use Railgun branch, sanctuary may not see you and won`t attack, as Railgun branch has high FOV. Just shoot at it and some time later it will die. If you are using drone tank, you should dodge the bullets and slowly kill it using drones (you may not even kill it because reload of some drone tanks is too big and sanctuary can regenerate during reload). If you use swarm tank, you may not even kill it due to low swarm damage and Bowed Sanctuary`s regeneration. If you use trapper tank, try to bait sanctuary to hit the traps, slowly killing it. (Only works properly while Bowed Sanctuary is on the edge of arena, not corner) After some time, congratulations, you did it!

Killing Bowed Sanctuary in team

Try to get at least 1 Builder branch tank to block Wrecking Ball Turret bullets. Make sure that sanctuary is in the corner of the arena. Then bring 1-2 Spawner/Hivemind branch tanks to kill it much faster, as these tanks can kill Bowed Sanctuary faster than regular tanks. After some time, congratualtions, you did it!

What to do after killing Bowed Sanctuary

Try to go as far as you can if you have killed Bowed Sanctuary solo, as it spawns Bow once killed, and killing Bow solo is very hard task. If you have killed it in team, you can try to kill Bow or just go away.


  • Its Wrecking Ball Turret didn't have any bullet stats until 30 October 2020.
  • Bowed Sanctuary is the strongest existing sanctuary.
  • In Developer Event you can play as Bowed Sancatuary. You can access it by upgrading to Page 11 of Miscellaneous tab.


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