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The Buckshot is a tier 4 tank that upgrades from Multishot and Obliterator at level 45.


The Buckshot has a long gun whilst being large too, the barrel has a base which is a trapezoidal one and on the front of that barrel is a thin wide support.


Unlike most multishot-branch tanks it's bullets don't spread too much. Instead in return is a large clump of bullets dealing lots of damage as bullets do stack.


The Buckshot upgrades from Multishot and Obliterator at level 45. It can upgrade into the following:

  • 30px Olympia
  • 30px Receptacle
  • 30px Flank Buckshot
  • Assaulter.png Assaulter


As the Buckshot

  • Remember that your bullets don't have so much spread and they clump up to make a large bullet bunch dealing high damage, your bullets are also fast.
  • Add bullet speed and try to predict where enemies are going then fire, don't worry about missing to much because you do have some spread.
  • If an enemy is right in front of you then blast them with your bullets and they are going tp be dead for sure unless they are a ramming tank with high health.
  • You cannot miss, because of your overly long reload.

Against the Buckshot

  • If you use tanks such as Booster then dodge the bullets as ram it because it has a really long reload even with maxed out reload stats.
  • Remember it shoots out clumps and not a bunch of bullets with high spread, if you react fast enough and you are a destroyer-branch tank start firing and make sure you have lots of penetration and bullet health so the Buckshot's bullets will break, also destroyer fires faster than buckshot.