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Note, this is the specific types of builds. Specific types of builds are counted as "unofficial features," meaning they are not officially stated. For example, there are 10 builds. How you can use them though is unofficial. Anyone can edit this page, including admins.

Builds are features in game to improve your tank. Though, there are certain types.

List of Well-Known builds

Glass Build


This build requires max Reload, Bullet Damage, and Bullet Penetration. The remaining points available go to Bullet Speed and Bullet Health. Use the last point for movement speed.

Shooter Build


This build has equal bullet Damage, Penetration, Speed, and Health. Reload and Movement Speed are maxed. This build is typically more effective than the Glass Build, due to the maxed Movement Speed.

Rammer Build


This build prioritizes speed, body damage, and health. These stats are necessary for a rammer, because rammers are always ramming into things. However, a tiny bit of shooter was added in (the 1,1) for a little extra damage to enemies.

Smasher Build


This build is for your normal smasher. It has decent regen, and max speed. Acceleration isn't really important (especially if you are using a Smasherception-branch. )

List of our fan-made builds.

Have any ideas of your own? Add them here!

Macine Gun II's destoyer build (Used normally by Liam the gamer12 as this is he's favourite tank)


When making builds, state the tank that is best used with the build, and weaknesses to the build.

Renting a WR Build


This is only for Destroyer Branch Only. Hybrid is the best one.

This will let you shoot with recoil, including tons of speed.



This is for Optic branch tanks ONLY. It can be VERY compatible with branches, but Binoculars is the best one.

The weaknesses is that other builds can probably out penetrate it by its sheer damage, but penetration is main.

The advantages are that you can farm Bots and kill them quickly.



Use this on destroyer-class tanks to make AI's retreat or just one shot them by luck or chance.


Q. On other tanks?

A. Not advised, so you should stick with the destroyer branch tanks.

The weaknesses are the tanks that are OP, sometimes with skill you can kill those tanks somehow but NOT advised fighting those tanks if you think you will lose.

My opinion is that this build that I made is compatible with both Woomy Arras.io and Arras.io, and Tag Mode 3TDM is pretty good as you can make players retreat sometimes and as for luck you may one-shot them. And they are NOT good when encountering someone that has a VERY OP build.


Q. Does it work on Diep?

A. Not sure, do they have 42 upgrade points?

Spank's Build


A take on the glass build. Low health but wounds heal quickly.

Maximum Firepower Build


This build has maximized firepower and decent health so it's very effective against both rammer and shooter tanks, Its compatible with all tanks discluding rammers but works best with bullet spammer family, Pounder branch and some trapper branch tanks

God Of Power


A strong and versatile build with quite a lot of health. Works for virtually any tank.

Attacker Build


For some reason, this build decides to combine the rammer build and the shooter build. This is actually a good and bad idea, because you'll be harder to kill but your bullet damage, penetration, speed, and health are lower now.

Bullet Waller/Storm Build


When using Triplet like tanks, it's the bullet waller build. When using tanks like Cyclone, it becomes the Storm build. This is because the bullets seem to pile up due to no bullet speed. However, this build kind of sucks because there's no bullet health either.

Phoenix Build


This build has great HP, and decent bullet penetration and damage. Plus, this build has good bullet HP too. It's a great build for ramming tanks but also good for shooters. Also, Cobalt X says he personally likes this build, as he used it to defeat a Sassafras for the first time with it. Of course, though, the team base was dealing a little damage, but Cobalt X got the kill.

"The Greatest Plan" Build

9,9,0,0,0,0,0,8,8,8 on any Dirigible-branch tank

This build, rather surprisingly, can ram with a good amount of efficiency.

Clicktuck's smasher adaptation is his usual build, x/x/12/12/x/x

The OP Glass Build (used only by Stoplookin9 and Bob109 )


Only Stoplookin9 uses this build...(actually no Bob109 uses it for every possible tank)

Maximized bullet stats and some bullet speed. To be honest it is a bit of a hunting build, because of the high damage and bullet speed. It is highly versatile, but works best with Pentamancer, Apidae, Penta Machine, and other hunting tanks. It is based on the saying that "The best defense is a good offense".



Works well on Akafuji branch.

Beam of death (not really)


Use for punching through a good bit of things with the Laser-branch tanks.



The Anti-Drone

0, 0, 5, 9, 9, 9, 5, 5, 0, 0

If you keep dying to Director-branch tanks, this is your build. This build is designed to quickly destroy drones, then heavily damage the enemy. Best used with one mediocre cannon(single, basic, auto basic, basebrid, revolutionist, etc.)

Strengths: Almost every drone tank(exceptions include: overdrive tanks, bolt, battleship, eggmancer.), decent against bullet spammers

Weaknesses: Super heavy bullet spammers, homing tanks like the psychokinesis or fighter-H. Not the best against rammers since you have low speed, but your damage should make them retreat.

The Hydra

A powerful build designed for triplet branch tanks


It can out-penetrate many tanks

Strong against: Naturalist branch tanks, lancer branch tanks with no form of ranged attack

Weak Against: Predator branch tanks, drone tanks with fast, controllable drones

Demon Build


This build is Made for fighter branch tanks. It is a modified version of the God of Power build.

The Basic Build


A build made for tanks similar to the Basic, such as the Auto-Basic, Basebrid, etc.

Add 1-2 bullet speed and remove 1-2 of reload or damage or penetration for sniper branches.

Regular build

5/5/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4 or 4/5/5/4/4/4/4/4/4/4

its a build thats good on all tank, it's weakness is bullet spammer with high dps

The Uni-Build (Made By Surge EMPs [on woomy-arras]


This build works on any woomy-arras tank that does not ram. Most of my kills come from it. You are fast, and have good bullets. Works best on Pounder/Minigun.

Speedy Kill Build


This Build is for any Serrator Branch Tanks (Knight is the Best). It's Bad against Bullet Spammers and the Retreat! Build. And it is Speed.

Lancers Galore!

0/0/6/0/9/9/9/9/0/0 This build is just like the Maximum Firepower Build, but this can also be included into lances (including Serrator and excluding Smasher branch tanks). Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to cut someone with my Broadsword (not in real life, but in Woomy-Arras.io, dummy!).

hiks op bild


its my bildwer if you use it i will cut your tonsils off

Fexxis' Focused Build


This build works best on Twin-branch or Machine-gun branch tanks. The Increased bullet Health, Penetration, And Speed to be able to get past most bulletr spammers. The higher move speed is always handy for quick travel. Move speed points can be used to maximize bullet penetration if you're more focused on fighting.

Best Tanks to use on:



-Streamliner & upgrades

"Perfect" Apidae Build


Very bruh build.

Should also work with other colonist class tanks.

Poll: Should Apidae be removed?

. Yes or No



Good for:

Shooting star

Penta Machine

Hepta shot

Fast tanks

Health-glass build


This build has great hp and damage. It works for most tanks, best for hexa tank branch. It also has fast bullets and low health. It has great reload.Too

What The's Build For Everything Except Tri-Angles And Smashers


It's Good For Most Tanks, Decent Bullet Health And Dmg, Bad Against Fast Tanks, Drones.

Drone-based Build


Mostly for the director branch. Really bad against bullet spammers.

the build clicktuck suskriberz uses for twinceptionist

0,0,6,9,9,9,9,9,0,0,0, alternatively 0,2,0,9,9,9,9,9,0,2,2

you have good range with the first but its for twinceptionist. Good for claiming dominators. (also works for redistributor, shrapnel-branch tanks, and surge)

with the second you basically become an inpenetrable cloud.

Arcturus's epic universal mega overpowered build (by Arcturus7078)

Use this with almost any tank :D

SO.... here it is 0/2/7/7/8/8/7/3/0/0

Can also be 0/1/7/7/8/8/7/4/0/0 if you're using a fat tank and want to have some movement speed

clicktuck's aegis build


good for ramming and launching shapes, bad for lance

clicktuck's mine build


very sacrificial

0/0/12/12/0/0 or 0/0/0/0/0/0/0/9/0/0/