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Celestials are a series of bosses that have three rotating shells, powerful ammunition, and have 1 million base XP. These were not part of Woomy-Arras.io until 26 May 2021, though they were present in Arras.io for two years before that. Eternals are Celestials with four shells, and Primadorals are Celestials with 5 shells.


Each celestial has three rotating shells. The bottom shell is a nonagon, the middle shell is a heptagon, and the top shell is a pentagon. Each Celestial has nine trap launchers on the bottom shell, while Eternals have 11 Giga trap launchers, and Primadorals have 13.


Celestials have extremely powerful ammunition, with high damage, penetration, and health. The sheer reload of a celestial makes it into a cloud of ammunition that is almost impossible to defeat. Celestial are also immune to all effects.


There are several variants of Celestial.

  • Rhea - A white celestial whose main ammunition is rocketeer bullets and Auto-Eggs.
  • Rune - A red celestial whose main ammunition is redistributor bullets and factory minions.
  • Athena - A pink celestial whose main ammunition is quintuplet bullets and crashers.
  • Gaea - A purple celestial whose main ammunition is hunter bullets and necromancer sunchips.
  • Tartarus - A blue celestial whose main ammunition is vulcan bullets and navyist drones.
  • Theia - A golden celestial whose main ammunition is demoman bullets and necromancer sunchips.
  • Mevolent - A light blue celestial.
  • Loki - An aquamarine celestial.
  • Kierre - A yellow celestial.
  • Serafina - A white celestial.
  • Ra - A golden eternal.
  • Chaos - A black primadoral.


Each of these bosses cannot be soloed, or even attacked in small teams. Its bullet penetration and health is so high that an entire server must work together to defeat it. Bullet spammer tanks such as Twisted Hybrid should be used to provide a bullet wall and also destroy the ammunition. As the bosses are immune to all effects, including EMP, Surge is useless against the boss. Use several Doomers to penetrate the ammunition and protect them fiercely, as they are the only tanks which can effectively penetrate the wall of ammunition. Keep in mind that Rune fires stabilizer bullets, which are basically unstoppable.

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