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The Ceptionist is a Tier 3 tank that branches from the Inceptioner at level 30.


The Ceptionist has a circular body with a rectangular barrel and a darker circular turret with a darker rectangular barrel on top of the body. This turret does not fire and instead signifies its special bullets.


The Ceptionist shoots bullets that resemble miniature Basic tanks as bullets. These Ceptionist bullets fire automatically while moving, their bullets dealing a small amount of damage.


The Ceptionist upgrades from the Inceptioner.png Inceptioner at level 30.

The Ceptionist can upgrade to the following:


As the Ceptionist

  • The Ceptionist can overwhelm enemies with its huge amount of bullets and its bullets' bullets.
  • Non-moving traps and blocks are very easy to destroy with the extreme firepower of the Ceptionist.

Against the Ceptionist

  • Try to attack the Ceptionist from its sides as it cannot defend there.
  • The Ceptionist's bullets aren't that fast, so at long range you can dodge them.
  • At close range the Ceptionist won't have time to fire and accumulate their bullets.


  • This tank has been in beta testing hell for a long while.
    • It finally got released to the public on UPDATE 06/14/2020 (1).