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The Chain Gun is a Tier 3 tank that branches from the Gatling Gun and the Assassin at level 40.


The Chain Gun has a circular base and a trapezoidal barrel like the Machine Gun but longer like the Assassin's.


Combining qualities of both the Gatling Gun and the Assassin, the Chain Gun fires strong, long-range bullets with increased bullet speed and less spread. It also has an increased FoV, like the Assassin. However, its reload is slower than the Gatling Gun.


The Chain Gun upgrades from the Gatling Gun.png Gatling Gun and the Assassin.png Assassin at level 45.

The Chain Gun can upgrade to the following:

  • Ultling.png Ultling (Lv. 60)
  • 30px Twin Chain (Lv. 60)
  • 30px Spiraler
  • More will be added when the new game is restored


As the Chain Gun

  • Try to avoid close combat and use your range to your advantage.
  • The Chain Gun can be effective against Destroyer tanks and pressure them from a distance.

Against the Chain Gun

  • If you are fighting at close range with a Chain Gun, it is nothing more than a low-reload Gatling Gun.
  • Any bullet spammer that can outgun and outrun it (including the Gatling Gun) can be a hazard to Chain Gun.


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