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The Clogger is a Tier 5 tank that branches from the Barricade and the Logger at level 60. It is a mixture between the Mega Trapper and the Barricade.


The Clogger has a circular body and three large trapper barrels stacked on top of each other.


The Clogger fires large traps with a wide range of velocity. The traps have much more health and do substantially more damage than normal traps. Its three guns also gives it an extremely increased rate of fire. However, its trap duration is slightly reduced to compensate.


The Clogger upgrades from the Barricade.png Barricade and the Logger.png Logger at level 60.

The Clogger can not upgrade to any other tank.


As the Clogger

  • Invest stat points into reload and trap speed.
  • The traps are effective against most rammers.

Against the Clogger

  • Bullet spam tanks are effective.
  • A good way to kill the Clogger is to get a ramming tank with high recoil and stalk it until it fights another tank, then swoop in for the kill while its distracted.



The Clogger was added on 20 August 2018 branching only from the Barricade. On 9 December it was changed to also branch from the Logger.

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