The Coiffure is a tier 5 tank that upgrades from the Smashception and the Excalibur.


The Coiffure has a circular body with a black hexagonal shell beneath it. It has 2 "Smashception" turrets, rather than the Smashception's one turret.


The Coiffure has a massive body, being the largest tank playable. It has immense health, while sharing similar stats with the Smashception. Like the Smashception, it has an upgrade cap of 12.


The Coiffure upgrades from the Smashception and the Excalibur. It does not upgrade any further.


As the Coiffure

Against the Coiffure


  • It has the largest body size in the playable tanks, with the size being about 1.6x of the normal tanks.


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