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The Colonist is a Tier 4 tank upgrading from the Mini Swarmer at level 45.


The Colonist looks like the Mini Swarmer but with a slightly shorter barrel. It has a short, wide barrel on top around the width of a Pounder's barrel, and a wider, tapering barrel below.


The Colonist shoots spinning swarming bullets with barrels on each end, for a total of two barrels. Its bullets are relatively strong but have a longer reload time.

Each barrel shoots swarm drones, which chase nearby enemies and have low health. The swarmers themselves deal moderate damage on impact.


The Colonist upgrades from the Mini Swarmer.png Mini Swarmer at level 45.

The Colonist can upgrade to the following:


As The Colonist

  • The Colonist's swarmers spawn swarm drones instead of bees. This means that the drones themselves deal more damage and can be a threat to your opponents. Use this along with the actual swarming bullet to deal maximum damage.
  • Don't get too far away from your target. The swarm will die before reaching it, dealing less damage.
  • Avoid bullet spammers. They can easily outpenetrate you.

Against The Colonist

  • Tanks like the Hexa Builder and the Octo Trapper can defend themselves against swarm drones, rendering the Colonist almost useless.
  • With minion tanks like the Splitter, the Factory or the Royale, guide your minions directly in front of their turret. This kills the swarming bullet before it can spawn too many swarm drones.



The Colonist was designed by Astra and was added to the game on November 23, 2018.

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